Conscious c*ntent

Conscious c*ntent

October 23, 2021


I recently wrote a piece on my substack called The Number Kidnap. What started out as a little piece to poke fun at people’s obsessions with numbers reminded me of how deep I was in amongst the muck just months ago.

I was obsessed with The Number too. I was writing tweets every day and only caring about increasing my followers. I made the Unobvious doodles purely to help me increase those numbers, to make me more interesting. I continued to record my episodes of GET DOING THINGS purely so I could talk to people so I could increase The Number.

I was the problem. The Number Kidnap is about a former version of me.

Now it’s time to stop playing those games completely.

I’m out.

From now on I’m making conscious cntent. No more vacous stuff.

No more stuff for stuff’s sake.

No more stuff just to increase The Number. Everything you’ll get from me will be 100% conscious, fully aware of my weaknesses and everybody else’s. I’ve already began to pivot towards this in a few places:

  • I no longer write fortune cookie tweets on Twitter. I now write barely anything as a result.
  • I make a podcast called The Wednesday Audio that is as random as I am.
  • I am changing Unobvious to only make conscious c*ntent
  • The conversations I have on my podcast are always genuine, never edited and are actually properly real unscripted conversations.

What’s conscious c*ntent?

Conscious rap is one of my fave genres of music. Wikipedia defines it as:

Conscious hip hop, or socially conscious hip hop, is a subgenre of hip hop that challenges the dominant cultural, political, philosophical, and economic consensus, and/or comments on social issues and conflicts.

I want to make the same, but in c*ntent form. I use the term c*ntent as this is the dominant phrase that people understand, but I personally hate the phrase. I prefer ‘art’, and I’ll continue to push for this to be the dominant phrase.

In terms of what I mean by it for the things I create, it’s things that discuss things we shouldn’t be talking about. Things that discuss social media addiction, things that discuss society. Things that challenge things. Things that make you think.

I don’t want to make ‘content’. Things that you look at and go:

‘Huh, that was pretty’.

I value your time more than that. The web is full of enough of that for you already.

I want to make things that make you challenge your own beliefs, and maybe you’ll challenge mine too.

I’m excited to see what falls out of this.

I’ll see you on the other side.



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