Hello. My name is Craig. This is the most simple thing you could learn about me.


The Magic Visual is out right now. It's my latest book and I'd be very happy if you considered buying it. More info here.

Everything else, well.

I do a lot of things.

When somebody asks me: "So what do you do?"

I shudder, shrug and launch into a 40 minute pitch.

To save you from the pitch, here's the most important things you should know about me.

  1. I’m co-owner and creative director at Genius Division.
  2. I write The Burgess Letter 3 times per week.
  3. I have a podcast called GET DOING THINGS, where I talk to interesting people from all around the world.
  4. I have a visual community called Daily Visual. We meet up daily and make visuals for social media.
  5. I wrote a short book called Press Start. I also wrote a book called Extreme Production. I've just finished my third book, The Magic Visual.
  6. I make daily visualisations on my Twitter account _unobvious.
  7. I write some semblance of a blog.
  8. I'm also recording two other podcasts. One will launch soon, the other one is a podcast about Wednesdays.
  9. The cool kids might call me a YouTuber. If the cool kids were born before 1990.
  10. I like speaking to audiences about branding, design, creativity, marketing and technology. At the minute, it’s on pause for obvious reasons.
  11. I use Twitter. A lot.
  12. If you want the full historical rundown, check out all my projects.