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Hello. My name is Craig. This is my website.


When somebody asks me: "So what do you do?"

I shudder, shrug and launch into a 40 minute pitch.

To save you from the pitch, here's the most important things you should know about me.

  1. I’m co-owner and creative director at Genius Division.
  2. I write This Is Not Value, a regular Substack about being yourself online.
  3. I do many podcasts, but the ones I spend my time with right now are The Wednesday Audio and the Tragedies of Modernity podcast with Thomas J Bevan.
  4. I wrote a short book called Press Start. I also wrote a book called Extreme Production. I've just finished my third book, The Magic Visual.
  5. The cool kids might call me a YouTuber. If the cool kids were born before 1990.
  6. I use Twitter. I used to use it a lot, now I spend more time criticising it.
  7. If you want the full historical rundown, I’m currently updating my website so you can’t see them. Yes, consider this your ‘under construction’ message.


Writing Database

May 24, 2022
I piece about my constant battle with marketing myself, and how we might be able to defeat the curse.
October 23, 2021
I recently wrote a piece on my substack called The Number Kidnap. What started out as a little piece to poke fun at people’s obsessions with numbers reminded me of how deep I was in amongst the muck just months ago.



If you’d like to quickly connect, the best place is on Twitter.


If you want to work together, please feel free to shoot me an email.



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