My name is Craig.
I help people figure out who they are online.

In 9 points, here's what you should know about me.

  1. I’m co-owner and creative director at Genius Division.
  2. I have a design show I release every Sunday with Richard Baird called That’s The Job. The last episode was called Starting out as a freelancer. Part two.
  3. I wrote a book called Extreme Production, and I make visualisations based on other people’s quotes about productivity.
  4. Related to this: I write a daily email newsletter called Extreme Production.
  5. I also write on my blog and in a section I’ve called creative documentation.
  6. I have a podcast called GET DOING THINGS, which keeps you up to date with what I’m doing. My last episode was called Be careful of copying anomalies.
  7. I make design, content and marketing tutorials over on YouTube.
  8. I like speaking to audiences about branding, design, creativity, marketing and technology.
  9. I use Twitter. A lot.