Hello. My name is Craig Burgess.

I make websites and brands. I'm Creative Director at Genius Division.

I've started a new podcast/video series


Homebrew Website Club Barnsley #5

Homebrew Website Club Barnsley #4

It's no accident

Changing perspective

Consistent good work

Content. Content. Content.

What are you working on?

Homebrew Website Club Barnsley #3

9 years

Homebrew Website Club Barnsley #2 Write Up

7 steps to writing a blog that people will read (The 7 Blogging Commandments)

Being a graphic designer

Homebrew Website Club Barnsley #2

Let's talk about web education

Homebrew Website Club Barnsley #1 Write Up

Innocent Eyes

Discovering the IndieWeb

Homebrew Website Club Barnsley #1

A note on speed

The pros aren't just faster than you

Fads, Trends and Automobiles

Focusing on things

It's never what you wanted it to be


The internet opportunity

How you do anything is how you do everything

Moving around the space between the words


Becoming an obsessed creative

The Blue Belt Blues and The Middle

Do the things you don’t enjoy

With a little help

Eyes open, head up

30 things I learned in 30 years

Old ideas

Our own exhibition of perfect life moments

Playing, winning and losing

Everything means everything

Doing less to do more

What Ed taught me

The modern designer

Dreaming of an outcome

Input = Output

Keep your bridges unburned

12 miles

Being at the end of the whip

You’re always in the PR game

Boring routines

Steal your permission

Drama, complexity and adverbs

Being the beginner

The power of our pocket devices

Trade secrets depreciate

Work hard and be nice to people

Listen and Do

The task

The succinct generation

Glowing faces in the dark


100 miles

A forearm across the throat

Don’t read this article, go write one instead

The standard intro post