10 Tweets Per Day For 365 Days

It was December 28 2019. I was sat contemplating things, as is customary for this time of year.

I was contemplating social media.

What was the point of it, really?

I’d been on Twitter for over a decade and it hadn’t ever really done anything for me.

That was it then.

I was going to quit Twitter.

The situation was desperate

Looking at my Twitter stats in December certainly seemed to backup my idea of quitting Twitter.

My measly 49 tweets per month were making me lose followers.


I’d sleep on it. Come back to it in a few days.

A few days later...

I’d hovered over the delete account button multiple times, but I just couldn’t hit it.

Even though I was losing followers, Twitter was a huge part of my life for so long. In 2010 and 2011 it helped my stay in touch with my creative network. We used to help each other with things we struggled with.

The nostalgia of something long since lost was causing me to second-guess my decision to quit Twitter.

I started contemplating again. As is customary for late December.

Could I use Twitter for good?

Was Twitter the problem, or was it me?

I started contemplating if Twitter could be used for good. Could I use it to grow a network, bringing back the way I used to use it and so fondly remembered?

Out of the corner of my eye one day I spotted the successes that Tom Hirst had began to find on Twitter. He was tweeting in a very weird way. Instead of talking about his lunch or missives about queues he was providing value.

You know what, his tweets were pretty good.

I sort of knew Tom. He lived 10 miles away from me. I knew he was just like me, a chap from a small town in Yorkshire.

If he could do it, so could I.

From Hypefury

I started studying Tom’s tweets more. I noticed he’d began to use a tool called Hypefury.

I checked it out.

I liked it.

I signed up.

There were 10 boxes for me to fill in to write tweets.

I scheduled 10 intentional tweets.

The rest is history.

(Sort of)

Well the rest wasn’t history obviously. I did a lot of reading about how Twitter worked. I bought too many Twitter guides.

I bought writing courses. I became a little bit obsessed with figuring out how to write good tweets.

(By the way, I still haven’t worked that out)

I recorded a few videos about my journey through Twitter in 2020.

Most importantly: I’d built a new habit. I now write 10 tweets per day on Twitter. It paid off.


Still not convinced?

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