Every minute of every day you’re under attack. A thousand tiny interruptions erode away your focus.

The small glass box in your pocket is your worst distraction. It glints and shines, like an old-school videogame item, promising you new dopamine hits and Facebook likes every time you unlock it. It nudges you with notifications, enticing you to come back.

The small glass box promises you that things will be better if you view the world through its viewfinder. It wants you to record your life, not experience it. It wants you to take photos of more people so it can upload them, catagorise and organise your friends.

The small glass box is sending you notifications and keeping you permanently distracted. Your focus is under attack.

You need to reclaim your focus, and stop the attack. Shut down, log off and unplug from your notifications. We’re living in a modern day Matrix, and it’s not nearly as good as the movie.