Colin Landforce - Selling yourself (and lots of weed)

Colin Landforce - Selling yourself (and lots of weed)

Colin is fascinating to me, because he does something that in the UK I couldn't even imagine happening for a long time: he sells weed legally. And not only does he sell weed, he sells a LOT of weed.

As CTO of Unrivaled Brands—a publicly traded cannabis brand—Colin continues to push into new and bigger markets and build something pretty amazing.

I got to sit down with him for nearly an hour and quiz him about how it all works. What about regulation? How do you manage different packaging and product needs in different states? How do you make any money with all these regulations?

And just how do you manage to sell yourself honestly and authentically when there's a stigma attached?

I had a truly excellent conversation here and I hope you enjoy it.

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Colin is CTO at Unrivalled Brands.

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