How to keep your Green Onions

Banksy has it. Monty Python has it. Run The Jewels has it.

We’re always at risk of losing it, and maintaining it when working on the web is becoming harder and harder.

Green Onions by Booker T. & the M.G.’s is the greatest example of it in a creative piece of work, and tonight Craig will talk about how to keep it, nurture it and protect it. Plus the usual stuff: cat gifs, tangents and why The Two Ronnies can teach you more about design than most designers.

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What they said

I saw some of Craig's talks online while researching and thought he would be an excellent speaker for the Design Exchange audience. Craig instantly connected with the crowd, and gave us all some inspiration to take home with us. His personal brand of humour is injected throughout this speaking and he brings an incredible joy to the stage from the get go. I would highly recommend that you book Craig, a wonderful speaker and an all round pleasure to meet.
Lex Lofthouse – Design Exchange Nottingham (