I regularly give talks to audiences of all types about branding, design, creativity, marketing and technology.

My talks make perfect ice-breakers for conferences: curtain-openers, just after lunch or closing out the day. I'm an energetic speaker, providing inspiring ideas that will get you thinking.

I perfected my style by delivering short talks at Pecha Kucha events and Bettakultcha.

I usually try risky stuff in my talks, like that time in my Marty McFly talk where I live-tweeted a magic trick.

Below is a small selection of my favourite talks.

To chat about my availability, find me on Twitter or email me. I'm particuarly looking to speak more at local tech meetups this year.

Barnsley College, Barnsley


I had the pleasure of speaking to the graphic design students and the games design students at Barnsley College recently to talk to about how I got to where I have.

Front End North, Sheffield


I’d taken a few years off conference talks and I thought I’d come back with a bang: Marty McFly, a contentious topic, and live-tweeting magic tricks.

Barnsley DMC, Barnsley


Barnsley Council asked me to judge and be their “Entrepreneur-in-residence” for their tech challenge for young people.

The Digital Barn 2, Barnsley


I returned to The Digital Barn to talk about the thing I knew best: design. Even more specifically, I wanted to talk about Magical Design.

The Digital Barn 1, Barnsley


It was my first ever conference talk. Things were bound to go wrong, so I decided to talk about a topic I knew very well: doing pointless shit.