We’re all living with digital noise.

Digital noise is the constant pecking at your focus that your smartphone has caused.

It’s your inability to read a long article without getting distracted.

It’s your inability to leave your phone in another room, it’s your constant checking of your phone when you’re sat down waiting for something.

It’s when your phone lights up and you instantly swivel your head and check it, Pavlovian style.

John liked your post.

Sarah liked your post.

Steven liked your post.

You have a new follower.

Your post has been liked by 3 people.

You have a new friend request.

99% of us live in a constant level of semi-distraction, because our phones are always pestering us.

This is what you need to escape from.

Check pointless stuff less. Stop checking Facebook every 30 minutes, and become more aware when you do.

You don’t need to read the news. You don’t need to know what’s going on in the world that doesn’t affect you.

It’s all noise.