The Get Doing Things Podcast

The Get Doing Things Podcast

My podcast show about design, marketing and life

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Naeem Parvez - Selling CDs at 14 to Vice President at 29

Danny Miranda - How to be the happiest person in the world

Connor Fowler - Personal branding and claiming your name on the web

Kieran Moran - Mental models, psychology and productivity (sort of)

Jon Persson - Productivity, discipline and self- promotion

Norm Chella - Making a better podcast

Alexander Yolevski - The polymath curse and being an anti-procrastinator

Jon Persson - Branding, design and running an agency

Robbie Crabtree - Performative speaking and how to deliver better public performances

Shashwat Eternal - Writing your first book

Brian Ball - How to build a product that pays you for 12 years (and counting)

Elias Puurunen - How to live-stream your first event

Why I keep failing 75 Hard

Ramble Number One

0 - 0.1

Making more things leads to more people listening

Making more things leads to more people listening

The value tipping point

True fans instead of fans at all costs

Building a niche of anvils and feathers

How to fix “I have no ideas” in 24 hours

You've only just began

Be careful of copying anomalies

I Am +

"Here's what" not "This is"

Do things daily

Please, go rest

1000 true fans with 2000 people

Give it a year

People won't give you 2 hours of their time

Why I think it’s so hard to finish things (and how to fix it)

Make something for YOU first

Why I think it's so hard to start something (and how to fix it)

Over and Over

Content Satellites


Design Course Diaries #2 - Steady Progress

The Good Syndrome

Design Course Diaries #1 - I thought it would have been done by now!

Steal your permission

Taking Twitter Seriously

How to talk to clients

The one thing I wish I'd done when I first started my design career

BUMPER BIRTHDAY SPECIAL... AND this is why I haven't been podcasting

The 9MDS Takeover - Why wit is so important in design

To be an effective designer, you need to do less designing

The 7 Blogging Commandments