The power of our pocket devices

Over the last couple of months I’ve found myself using my iPad (Pro, 12.9) more and more for “work”.

I say work in inverted commas because there’s been so many articles lately about using the iPad for work. So many people have been talking about the iPad as a laptop. Can the iPad Pro replace your laptop?

They’re asking the wrong question. Can the iPad Pro replace your laptop?

Of course not. The iPad Pro isn’t a laptop.

Can you do work on your iPad? Well, yeah. Of course you can. But it’s different work.

The iPad—and by extension iOS—has left us thinking differently about how we use our other devices.

My phone used to be for making calls and texting. Now I do a million other things on it. I write the majority of these daily articles on my phone. I write the rest on my iPad.

I like to use my iPad to do very focused single-task work. Writing. Sketching. Answering emails. When it comes to multi-tasking, I prefer a different device. Usually my laptop.

Can you do work on your iPad? Yes. Just as you can on any other device. But it’s just different.

Because of the power we now have in our pocket devices we’re being productive in all sorts of other different ways. It’s exciting, and very different. Thinking that the PC is the only workhorse we have available to us is a very old fashioned way of thinking.