The 7 rules to be better at Twitter

I get asked a surprising amount how to "do Twitter" or "be better at Twitter".

For a start I'm not even sure what I'm doing on Twitter the majority of the time. I'm not really the right person to answer this question as I'm not tactical in any way with Twitter. I completely optimise for fun.

But...for academic reasons let me answer the question.

Talk to people

Twitter is a social network. The clue is in the name. It's probably the most social of all the networks and it requires you to talk to people. You're not just there to make content and throw it out into the void. You need to talk to people.

Interact with people

Slightly linked to the first one—you need to interact. Reply to people, help people grow, promote others. Make friends.

Be yourself

Being yourself is probably the most important one, the hardest one, and the one that I got wrong for a really long amount of time.

Ask interesting questions

A small example of how I do it with a bit of humour.

Provide meaningful answers

I love responding with a video. This really nails a meaningful answer.

Write useful and thought-provoking tweets

The key here is to write useful tweets. That's really, really important.

Do not focus on the number

Once you start focusing on the metrics, everything else goes out of the window.

It isn't magical

The fomula I presented above isn't magical or special. I'm just on Twitter, every day, turning up, having fun. Asking interesting questions and providing useful answers.