Run onto the field

We believe it's our job to cheer from the sidelines, pick favourites and buy the merchandise.

We believe it's our job to talk about the lives of the stars, discuss what their tactics might be, and guess who'll win.

We believe it's our job to follow, to comment, to share other people's achievements.

But usually, one day we get sick of spectating.

“What if I stop spectating and run onto the field instead?”

That's when things get fun.

It's our job to swing at the ball. It's our job to run around the field. It's our job to do something that's worth watching.

Sure, we might miss the ball more than we hit it. We might fall over more times than we run. We might not have many people watching.

But it isn't our job to spectate the game. It's our job to play the game.

It was always our job to play the game. As kids we played every day, but as adults we forgot. We settled into spectating because it was safer. Adults like to be safe.

But once you choose to play you've got an extra-juicy added bonus waiting for you.

You get to choose the rules and which game you want to play.

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