Lockdown Productive

I’ve been quarantined to my house now for around 20 days. Yes, I’m counting. I’m writing it down every morning.

And actually, it’s not bothering me at all. I’m enjoying it.

It’s not made me crazy, but lockdown has got me crazy productive.

In the last 20 days I’ve:

  • Tweeted about 10-20 quality tweets per day, meaning I’ve grown my Twitter for the first time in about a year. I made a video about what I’ve been doing.
  • Made a video on my newly launched YouTube channel nearly every day. And they’ve been high quality and informative videos too.
  • Made a podcast or two.
  • Started working on a design course that I’m going to launch in a week or so time.
  • Started a new design show called That’s The Job with Rich Baird.
  • Managed a Bettakultcha Live Stream every Saturday at 8pm (which is harder than it sounds).
  • Continued running Genius Division, doing design work, working with clients etc.

Yeah. I’ve been pretty productive. It got me to thinking about why.

“Nothing much else to do so I’ll might as well get some work done”

I’m a hipster so I listen to BBC Radio 6 Music on my Sonos whilst working on my MacBook, and they’ve been having quite a few interviews with music artists these last couple of weeks. They’ve been asked the same question over and over: “how are you dealing with the lockdown?”

All of them have been experiencing the same things as me. Insane levels of getting stuff done.

There’s a few things at play.

  1. Focus. One location all of the time with no distractions leads to focus.
  2. Nothing much else to do. I usually spend a lot of my time doing Jiu Jitsu. Right now that’s not a possibility so I fill those hours with fun projects.
  3. Keeping the negative stuff at bay. I don’t want to read the news and the horror stories. I’m filling my time with positive stuff.

In these past few weeks I’ve made more progress on a bunch of personal projects than I’ve made in a year.

The challenge will be to continue these levels when the world goes back to normal.

Whenever—and whatever—that ends up being.