It's all for me

I don't care if you read these words.

I don’t say that to offend you or to make you feel bad. I’m not trying to be outrageous, I’m just stating a fact. Shrug emoji.

You see, I don’t create for you. I don’t create for the appeal of others, I don’t create for the likes, the retweets or the admiration.

It’s all for me.

I create for selfish reasons. I create just to create something. I create to make myself feel good. Every day, I make something that’s all for me and nobody else.

Most days I don’t even care if it’s good. OK, maybe I care a little. Some days when the idea really pops off and things seem to gel I might care a little bit about how well it does.

But most days I’m just scratching another notch into the wall.

Day 1. Day 2. Day 20. Day 245. Day 365. Day 380.

I don’t do it for you. I do it for me.

This one thing every day is all for me.

Sue me.

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