How to do "so much stuff"

I get asked often “how do you do so much stuff”? Without irony I often answer "I just do".

I long since figured out that I feel better on every level when I create something every day.

It doesn't have to be much, but it has to be for me. It has to be outside of the constraints of designing for clients or for money. It has to be something I made on that day just because I could.

Sometimes it's been writing, a podcast, a visual. Sometimes it's been a little doodle.

I can think back to years where I didn't create daily for myself and I can remember how uninspired I felt.

There is something magical in creating for yourself daily.

It isn't scientific, it isn't for progression or to get better (although you do), it's for the soul.

And I say soul without believing in the soul. There is no better way to explain it. Creative pursuits and creating just because you can makes you happy in ways like no other I've ever experienced.

And it can even be just creating stuff in stupid ways.

Getting addicted

When you create you want to create more.

So many people in Daily Visual talk about "getting addicted" to making visuals daily. That's where I want them to get to. That special weird place where it becomes part of you to make something cool daily for yourself.

"I create because I create."

There's side effects of all this.

  1. You create more so you want to share more.
  2. You're happier.
  3. You want to keep creating.
  4. Then you do more stuff.

Which leads me to this.

How to do "so much stuff"

I'm nothing special or impressive. I just figured out the formula for myself above. I do so much stuff because I want to do so much stuff.

It isn't an option.

Christian Genco and I talked a lot about this idea of being prolific in my podcast episode.

You get to this kind of magical place where you create more because there's just so much left that you want to do.

It doesn't become a case of choosing to make podcasts, make videos, write 10 tweets, write a few books, make daily visuals, run a visual community, run a design agency and much more.

It becomes a case of making things because you want to, because you have to, and because there isn't enough time to wait.

You get on a flywheel, and it's a lot of damn fun to ride it.

So how do I create so much stuff?

I just do.

And—as we discussed—that answer isn't as glib as it sounds.