Drama, complexity and adverbs

I’ve been using my daily writing practice to simplify, not add.

I’ve been cutting my writing down to the minimum. I’ve been removing adverbs and adjectives. I’ve been keeping my sentences simple. I’ve been keeping my points easy to understand.

It’s an interesting challenge to take on: trying to boil something down to its true essence rather than add more garnish.

In many areas of life we’re guilty of this. We add more complexity to things to make ourselves seem more intelligent, to hide the truth or to justify our existence.

There’s a purity in simplifying something. There’s a truth to it. When you remove the wrapping all you’re left with is the truth.

Spend more time removing things rather than adding them. If it’s hard to remove, you know it’s worth doing.

Drama. Complexity. Adverbs. They’re all worth removing from your life.