Don’t read this

Prolific. Adjective. Somebody who produces many works.

It doesn’t take skill or talent to be prolific. It just means you never gave up.

You have to be constantly producing.

You have to be constantly looking at the world through the eyes of a creator and not a consumer.

Instead of reading a blog post you could be writing one.

Instead of reading a novel you could be writing your first.

Instead of watching another YouTube video you could be making your own channel.

It doesn’t have to be good, and it probably won’t be.

The biggest block to production is the idea that the thing you make has to be good.

The first draft of anything is no better than a first draft, but it’s the hardest hurdle to jump.

Be prolific over a long enough period of time and you’ll become good at it.

Start today, and tomorrow won’t be zero.