Inspired by The Now Movement, this page is designed to tell you what I’m focused on...uh, now.

It’s a way for me to keep myself focused on what I should be doing right now, and to also tell you what I’m up to right now. We both win from this page.

Lucky me, lucky you.

Now, for the Panda-demic edition.

2020 threw a lot of my intended focus out of the window. So as a temporary measure I’ve kept the early 2020 edition at the bottom and rewrote for what I’m actually doing now in a post-Zoom world.

2021 edition now loading...

  • I’m running Genius Division as Creative Director with James and Rich.
  • I‘m recording 2 podcasts. I’m talking to interesting people every Tuesday at 7pm GMT on The Get Doing Things Podcast and I’m recording Free Music Discovery.
  • 2021 will be a big focus on writing for me. I’ll be writing in my blog regularly.
  • I’m running Daily Visual, a visual community.
  • As always, I’m still looking for new ways to keep active. 2020 made things a little different. I’ve gotten obsessed by my Peleton and I lift weights at home 3 times a week.
  • I’m still entirely obsessed with Twitter. It changed my life in 2020.
  • For the first part of 2021 I’ll be writing The Magic Visual.
  • Seriously, there’s so much more. Have a look on my projects.

At the beginning of 2020...

What I was focused on before

  • I’m running Genius Division as Creative Director with James and Rich.
  • I’m learning a lot of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. I compete regularly. I’m currently a blue belt, if you care to know about those things.
  • I'm podcasting again about branding, design and marketing. I'm still struggling to keep up with my podcasting schedule.
  • I’m running Homebrew Website Club Barnsley. We meet every third Thursday at Barnsley DMC.
  • I’m using the Homebrew Website Club to try and focus on writing more on my own website, and expanding this website. I’ve got a ton of past projects and stupid stuff I want to put on here, but I’m so rubbish at actually doing it.
  • I’m always looking for new ways to keep active. I’ve recently started cycling, and also rucking. I still lift weights 3-4 times a week. I have to keep myself as active as possible because my job involves me sitting on my arse so much.

Things I’m thinking of doing next

  • Steve and I recently finished our first cohort of [re]start, and Albano has already got a job in the industry. We’re still trying to work out what to do next with this.
  • As I’ve been enjoying rucking so much, I’m contemplating training to run The Fan Dance Race.

Last updated: 1 January 2021.