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Homebrew Website Club is on this Thursday

The inaugural Homebrew Website Club Barnsley is this Thursday at 6pm at the DMC. It’s for anybody looking to work on their own website for a dedicated 2 hours, and not just for web designers.

Hope to see you there?


Shape Up

Basecamp just released a new book that’s going to be interesting to anybody even remotely working in software development.

I’ve just started reading it myself and it’s already fascinating.


Fuck hard work

I needed this reminder. I’m often guilty of banging the hard work drum, but equally it’s one of the only things I know.

I guess that’s the same for everybody else too.


Throw off the online ads

This is a cool idea, but I like the design of it more than anything else.

Instead of getting pestered by appropriate ads, this website opens up 100 tabs to a particular profile that completely throws off your ad profile.


Pentagram’s Shakespeare

This is a lovely new brand from Pentagram for Shakespeare in the Park 2019. It’s exactly the kind of branding I like: quite timeless and bold.