Extreme Production Book

You're procrastinating. You're reading this. There's something else you should be doing.

I used to do it too.

This used to be me:

Another task app that just might solve my procrastination this time. Wait, maybe its another productivity methodology that I need to learn before I can finally start making something. Actually, maybe I'll just watch another YouTube video about how they managed to beat procrastination.

Then I realised something.

To get more things done, I needed to do things more regularly.

So I did.

I've spent the last 13 years making more stuff than anybody else I know.

It all started with Extreme Production challenges.

  • I designed a poster a day for 365 days. I improved my skills, became a better designer, built an online following and put on an exhibition of my posters.
  • I took a photo a day for 365 days. I found 20 other people to do it with me, and built a social experiment around people doing stuff more regularly.
  • I designed a 12" record sleeve every day for 365 days. I failed this one at day 142. I'll tell you more about that in the book.
  • I learned how to make a podcast by making one every day for 365 days. On day one, I didn't even know how to make a podcast and had never previously recorded my voice. On day 365, I'd created 3 shows and had learned how to record, produce, market and make a podcast.

All this lead me to refine a method I've called Extreme Production.

That was just the beginning. Those core challenges have lead to real benefits in my life:

  1. I got my first professional design job after only 6 months design training. I've now been running my own design agency for a decade.
  2. I'm growing my social following every day.
  3. I've created thousands of podcasts, thousands of design assets and hundreds of videos all providing social proof of what I can do.

Right now? I currently:

  • make a daily video
  • make a weekly design show delivered as a podcast and a video
  • make a separate weekly podcast
  • make around 30 social media assets a day across Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • run a design agency
  • and much, much, much more.

The biggest thing about all this? I'm not superhuman. I have the same 24 hours that you do.

And I'm going to show you how to do it.

In 150 pages I'll teach you to:

  • Finish projects by mastering consistency.
  • Crush deadlines with the help of tiny daily actions.
  • Market yourself properly by embracing your weirdness.
  • Build focus through narrowing down your process.
  • Make more stuff than anybody else you know.
  • Finally go get your shit done.
Hey guys, not sure if anyone here has read it and not sure if he’s even posted it. But @Craig Burgess book Extreme Production is super helpful and motivating. Definitely helping me overcome my analysis paralysis that i always get caught up in.
Hey mate, just thought I’d drop you a message and say I’m really enjoying the book so far! Loving just taking 20 minutes out to get things done!
Enjoyable read, refreshing not to read something that goes full ‘self help guru’ and instead focuses on actually getting the work done!
Hi Craig. Just wanted to say I bought your book, Extreme Production, and am loving it so far. Some advice I really needed to hear at the moment. Thank you very much
@craigburgess, the biggest action taker I have ever met in my life. Keep after it mate, you're inspiring a lot of people.