Extreme Production

In 2017 I was deep in self-improvement obsession mode. I was doing all kinds of stuff, reading all kinds of books. I even had a morning routine.

Obviously then I was now a guru and everybody was waiting to read my amazing perspective.

To appease the fans I wrote a book.

Everybody has at least one book in them

Everybody seems to have this cliched idea etched inside their eyelids and I’d previously never believed it. I’d never really wanted to write a book before. But for whatever reason in 2017 I got this burning passion to write one.

I don’t believe you need permission to do anything.

So I wrote one.

My “one book” was about challenges

I’d been doing this thing for as long as I could remember. Ever since I’d done Novl Cuisine I’d become obsessed with daily challenges as a method of improvement. Whenever I wanted to learn something new, I figured out the smallest way I could do it daily and started.

The book would be about improving yourself daily.

I figured I needed a fancy name for it though. Somewhere in the back of my brain I got the idea Extreme Production and called it that.

Imposter Syndrome was lurking around the corner

It didn’t take me long to write the book.

It was only a short book of around 150 pages and it felt like the words and chapters were just pouring out of my head.

The book was finished in 2017.

I didn’t release it until 2020.

I wrote about this on Twitter.

2020—the release of the book

The book was my first ever “digital product” that I released.

15 years as a designer.

15 years with the exact skill set to build, promote and sell digital products.

And this was the first one.

As Jack Butcher says—making your first $1 online is magical. And it was.

My first $1 online. I opened my Gumroad account on March 2019. I didn’t sell anything until a year later.
My first $1 online. I opened my Gumroad account on March 2019. I didn’t sell anything until a year later.

It can still be bought, and it actually turned out pretty good

Go grab it if you fancy reading about my self-improvement journey and how to produce daily.

I mean, technically the book is only six-months old.