You’re always in the PR game

All your life you’re promoting yourself.

From birth, you’re promoting yourself to your parents. You’re showing them you’re good enough and that you’re capable. You’re showing them why they should be proud of you.

When you get a bit older you start to promote yourself to your friends, and to your potential friends. You show how cool you are by wearing the latest clothes, listening to the latest music and using the latest apps. Depending on which niches you target depends on which friends you end up with.

In school you’re promoting yourself to your teachers. Depending on what you promote, they’ll either like you or hate you. If you look like you’re taking their advice on board and turn up to class they might like you.

When you want to get a job you’ll start to really understand the craft of the PR game. You’ll make sure you’re wearing the proper clothes, that you’re putting out the right press releases (the correct tweets and Facebook posts).

You’ll make sure you delete your old tweets where you called Donald Trump a wanker.

You might start a blog and try out content marketing to build up your expertise in your chosen niche. You’ll be playing the PR game harder than you ever have done the rest of your life.

From birth to death you’re in the PR game. Some people like to pretend they’re not.

They’re wrong.

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