The succinct generation

I remember when it used to be weird to send a text message that just said:


It was weird because you used to have to pay money for that text message, so paying 10p to send 2 letters was seen as a waste of money.

You were limited to 140 characters for 10p too, so it often meant you’d be somewhat in depth but not too much.

People rarely sent short messages.

But now we live in the iMessage/WhatsApp/Messenger world, it doesn’t matter. You can send as little or as much as you want.

Other technological changes have made our attention spans shorter. Endless notifications, Twitter, Facebook and other networks utilising the idea of “liking” content have trained our brains to look for the quick dopamine hit. We’re always looking for a quickest fix.

We scan content to find the quickest dopamine hit. We don’t read.

People don’t read books, they read short articles online.

People don’t read news, they read the breaking news tweet.

Twitter upped their character limit, but not by much.

We’re living in the succinct generation now, and it’s OK.

Write less.

Get to your point quicker.

Get rid of the fluff.

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