Input = Output

Input = Output is one of those fundamentals of life that far few people pay enough attention to. When it’s turned into a concept it’s usually referred to as Garbage in, garbage out.

The idea started in computing. It’s the idea that flawed data being input into a system outputs flawed data.

Your input directly affects your output.

You get out what you put in.

You deserved exactly what you got.

This phrase is expressed in so many different ways it’s crazy, and once you learn about it, you’ll see it applies to everything.

Spend your time inputting garbage data into your mind and see what happens. Facebook updates, browsing Twitter endlessly, push notifications, pulling to refresh, sitting in your email all day. You won’t be able to concentrate, you’ll feel tired and you’ll be addicted to your phone.

Spend your time inputting quality data into your mind and see what happens. Reading quality content, expressing your opinions, having interesting conversations, creating, writing, speaking, learning, doing stuff. You’ll get better at stuff, feel fulfilled, sleep easy at night and feel happy.

The concept applies to anything. Eat bad food and you’ll feel bad. Have bad friends and you’ll have bad friendships. Buy a bad car and you’ll be forever spending money on it. Don’t take care of your body and you’ll feel ill all of the time.

This really is a fundamental of life. There’s endless levels to this.

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