Dreaming of an outcome

I’ve only bought a ticket for the National Lottery twice. Both times after I’d bought the ticket I started dreaming of my outcome: to become a millionaire, what I’d spend the money on. All that kind of stuff.

Both times when I didn’t win I felt sad, as if I should have won. I don’t even know why I expected to win, because it’s clearly daft.

Expectations can rule you if you’re not careful. When you sit down and think about it too, you’ll see how daft that is.

An expectation is simply an outcome that you’ve made up in your own head. Sometimes it’s based slightly in reality, but more often it’s the outcome you most want to happen.

They’re outcome dreams.

Left to your own devices you can get very creative with your outcome dreams. You can start to vividly imagine the worst possible outcome and start to imagine this will happen. You can also imagine the best possible outcome and be convinced this is it.

The thing is: they’re rarely anywhere near the truth. The actual outcome.

Why do we spend so much time daydreaming about the outcomes of things and building up our expectations?

I actually don’t have the answer.

All I know is it’s bad to spend too much time focusing on our expectations. Don’t expect anything, then you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.

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