Being at the end of the whip

There’s a concept in jiu jitsu that my coach talks about all the time: being at the end of the whip.

To explain, let me explain a bit about Jiu Jitsu.

The goal in jiu jitsu is to submit your opponent. We spend the majority of our time learning submissions to achieve this.

Our coach talks about using submissions that are part of a chain, and starting at the beginning of the chain. This means that when your first submission fails, you can move down the chain. When this fails, you can move down the chain again.

The point of this is so when you try a submission you aren’t left with nowhere else to go. Chaining your submissions together is an important concept to learn.

If you start with a submission that is at the end of the chain, you are at the end of the whip. You have nowhere else to go.

It struck me that this concept can be applied to pretty much anything in life.

This applies to marketing.

In marketing you need a chain of things.

Are you just marketing one product? If you’re marketing one thing, you’re at the end of the whip. You’ve got nowhere else to go.

Is the first product you sell at the end of your whip, or are you chaining your selling?

When you start at the beginning of your chain you can market one thing, then if they don’t buy it, you can market the next thing down in your chain.

Don’t start at the end of your whip.

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