Ask people why

The core idea:

  • It is our responsibility as creatives to ask "why" more often than we accept the truth given to us.

Just like the rest of the world, most of my clients are on social. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Some are even experimenting with TikTok.

As a society and especially as a business owner, we're hyped up to be on social because we think we have to be on social.

We feel like we have to be on social media because everybody is telling us we need to be on social media.

It's classic FOMO. We're afraid of what's happening behind our backs if we're not on social.

Lots of businesses feel like they need to be on everything. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Vimeo. The list goes on.

When this particular topic comes up, I like to ask a simple question in return.


What do you mean, why?

I mean, why? Why is it important you're on social media?

It's surprising the amount of times people shrug their shoulders. They don't know why. They've heard it's good for business. They've heard they need an online presence.

They need to tell more people they exist. They need to keep their clients updated.

These are certainly all reasons, but not valid ones.

For a business, there has to be a deeper reason to be on social, and a deeper strategy than just sharing stuff.

People—probably even including your clients—will not follow a business just to see what it's doing. The only exception to this is if a business is doing something interesting, which is rare. Your average service business isn't doing something so interesting that can be distilled down into a tweet.

Helping people. Providing advice. Affecting change.

Change is the big one.

Your social strategy should be designed to affect change in people. That can mean lots of things, but your higher order reason should be to affect change.

It's a grand goal. It's hard to achieve. It'll take a long time.

But seriously, nobody wants to read about that new award your business just won. Ask why.

To summise:

  • Asking "why" over and over gets you to the true meaning.
  • Asking "why" will give you a higher purpose reason for your marketing.

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