Daily Visual

Daily Visual

My visual community of people learning how to build an audience by making visuals daily.

2020 brought me many realisations, things to try and new projects.

But this one came in an instant.

I was making visuals online through my Unobvious Twitter account and really enjoying it. But I’d started to see more people pop up doing the same. After Jack Butcher had started the movement with Visualize Value, there was a Visual Twitter popping up.

I wanted to help people join Visual Twitter and start having fun with visuals just like I was.

A micro-community, not one that takes all your time

I never wanted to start a community.

Communities take up all your time and leave you with very little to show for it. Slack requires you to be always-on. Synchronous communities are a nightmare. I didn’t want to create the expectation that I’d always be there to chat about all kinds of crap.

So I started working on this idea of a micro-community. I was heavily influenced by 75 Hard, and my obsession with daily challenges.

I wanted to create a community with:

  1. A single point of focus.
  2. A reason to be together—a task we were all performing together.
  3. No idle chit chat.

Daily Visual was born.

So what is it then?

Daily Visual is a community of people making visuals daily and posting them online. The group is a way to be part of a tribe doing the same things as you, get feedback, join office hours, get tutorials from me.

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