The standard intro post


Seth Godin has convinced me to write publicly every day forever.

Not for a year, not for 30 days, not for 100 days. These are all things I’ve done before, but I’ve never done the forever thing.

I enjoy writing. I always have, even right back into school. I used to love creative writing, making up stories, creating characters and writing dialogue. I still always remember my Max Payne inspired masterpiece I wrote in school. It was my first attempt at 14 years old to write a hardboiled, film noir style piece.

Then school finished and I started to get into writing for video games websites. A big part of the appeal was getting free games, but I did enjoy writing the reviews.

It lead to an early fascination with the internet, especially getting your work published on it. Sending a review off to one of the gaming websites was always a buzz. Seeing my words published on their website was an even bigger buzz.

After that I kept a few blogs and then just stopped writing. When I got into design and making websites that became my new obsession, and writing kind of fell by the wayside.

I still always enjoy the idea of a web log though. An old school one though: a personal web log. In our modern world of professional web journalism we’ve lost the charm of the original blog.

Maybe that’s what I’m looking to reclaim with writing every day. Maybe I’m looking to learn something about myself. Truth is, I enjoy trying new things. This is a new thing to try. It sounds fun.

I’m mainly going to be writing lessons to myself. If they’re useful for you too, you’re welcome to tags along.

Here goes writing forever, or until I get bored.

The latter is likely to happen first.

UPDATE: As you can see, I don't write every day now. I do my best. After re-reading this article, I want to start again.