The internet opportunity

The internet has provided you with the ultimate opportunity. The single greatest opportunity that’s ever been available to humankind in our entire history.

The gatekeepers have been removed because the gate has been removed. The internet lets us walk straight through, no questions asked.

Your age, your location, your social situation—all of that doesn’t matter anymore.

If you want to write, you pick one of a thousand services and start writing. Your writing is instantly available to millions around the world.

You can advertise anything you want.

You record that song or album and get it on streaming services within a few hours, opening it up to an audience of millions.

You can publish a book. All by yourself.

In the past, it was a distribution problem. You needed to get through a gatekeeper to distribute your book, product, article or advert.

Now it’s a dissemination problem. Disseminating your ideas in a world full of ideas is hard work, but if your ideas are worth listening to they’ll be listened to.

What a time to be alive.