Making more things leads to more people listening

Some of you may remember I decided to start podcasting daily again.

I recorded a podcast too

It’s been 2 weeks now so I thought it was about time I gave you a bit of a review.

What can you learn from creating something every day?

Let’s find out.

If you’re not aware or this is the first time you’ve come across me, I podcast daily for around 3-8 minutes. Each episode is about marketing, content, design, daily practice or something similar.

It’s essentially an extension of the ideas I share on Twitter.

I’ve had a podcast for a few years. I originally became interested in it by podcasting daily with my first ever podcast—Ask A Designer Anything.

Since then I’ve stopped podcasting daily and I recently decided to get back to it.

I should probably begin by stating why I podcast. What makes the reason right for me. This is an important consideration for any content creation activity. If you enjoy it, do more of it. If you don’t, do less.

Well, I do it for quite a few practical reasons

  • It’s quick and easy for me to get out and get published to share my ideas
  • It lets me think deeply about an idea that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to
  • It makes me NEED ideas to share
  • I have a good voice for it
  • I love the medium

On a wider level I think podcasting is one of the most valuable mediums to grow.

  • It makes a personal connection
  • People learn what you sound like
  • You become a routine in people’s lives
  • Having a podcast is still seen as a quirky idea
  • It legitimises you

Taking those considerations into mind, I decided to revitalise my podcast by podcasting daily for a bit.

I expected these things to happen:

  • I’d develop a routine and habit for podcasting again
  • I’d maybe increase the figures for downloads for my podcast
  • I’d maybe find new listeners

The most interesting thing about all this though isn’t why you should podcast or why I should podcast. It’s the figures.

What I expected to happened turned out to be vastly under-estimated.

The raw stats of an improvement in just 14 days here is quite impressive.

I went from 1-5 downloads per day to 15-20 downloads per day in just 14 days. I don’t have a big mainstream podcast. These are numbers that anybody could achieve.

Lots of people talk about how to get more people to listen to your podcast, how to market it and how to spread the word. There’s lots of good tactics out there if you go looking.

But the simplest tactic is the one that nobody says: just go make more things.

If you have the time to make more stuff, increase your daily output and see how things change in 14 days.

I think you’ll be surprised.