It's no accident

My mum has just started selling stuff on eBay and I find it amazing. My mum wasn't born with computers and has spent most of her life shunning them. A few years ago she suddenly decided to get an iPhone and she's never looked back.

She's completely taught herself how to use the phone, how to use the internet, how to do things online. I'm proud of her, but some bits of eBay are confusing even to me, so she asked for my help.

Something struck me when I was helping her. She said to me: "Oh, you're good with computers". I get this a lot from anybody who doesn't do tech as a job. Or they say something about me being so technical or technically minded or good with technology.

They say it like I was naturally gifted with the skill, like I was born and suddenly I could make a website or know how to install a printer (a skill I never admit to). More importantly—or more saddening—is they say this like they could never learn what I've learned.

It's no accident I'm "good with computers", or good at my job. I'm not naturally skilled, I've just sat at a computer a lot. I focus on the process (and I bought a hoody to show it to everybody else too).

I learned how to be good with computers, a little at a time, every day, over a long period of time.

I'm not special, naturally gifted or any of those other words. I'm just pig headed about getting better, and anybody can get better.

Everybody can learn new things. If my mum can pick up a iPhone and work out how to sell on eBay after a life time of technophobia, you can learn anything too.