Homebrew Website Club Barnsley #1

I—like the rest of the internet who make websites for a living—don’t do very well with my own website.

Over the years, I must have easily built over 30 portfolio websites. I’ve started probably 10 blogs. I’m a designer though: I tend to enjoy the process of designing the actual portfolio and the website more than I actually do populating the damn thing.

I also enjoy writing and blogging, but I’m not particularly good at actually publishing anything. But, I’m trying to change that, and I decided I should try and change that with other people too.

Hence, Homebrew Website Club Barnsley.

I didn’t invent the concept, in fact, Matt linked me to it only 12 days ago.

It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been trying to carve some time out for a while to get working on my own website, and I’m a sucker for setting up new events. So I had a quick chat with Tracey at the DMC to try and get this thing off of the ground.

Within 12 days—probably the fastest time ever for me organising anything—we’ve got the first event setup.

We’ll be meeting every third Thursday from 6pm-8pm at the DMC in Barnsley.

Hope to see you there on Thursday July 18th.