Homebrew Website Club Barnsley #1 Write Up

Homebrew Website Club Barnsley #1

I ran the first ever Homebrew Website Club Barnsley at the DMC tonight. It went well, we had pizza, and we had a range of carbonated drinks available.

I worked on

  • I wanted to look at a new way to display my work on my website. My work is a mix of all kinds of categories, so I’m still thinking about how to lay this out. I looked for some inspiration to redesign my homepage: I liked this.
  • I started working on a new timeline for my work, and trying to work out what order it needs to go in. It’s really hard remembering when you did stuff…

We discussed

  • I introduced IndieWeb and what it is.
  • We talked about Now pages.
  • We talked about Uses pages. I’d never heard of these before.
  • We talked about: how do you decide when to blog on your own website vs your business website? At Genius Division we’re re-doing our professional website and also making our own websites, and we’re trying to work out where to post stuff.
  • The big hosting topic, and how to decide who to use.
  • WordPress, and other site generators and CMSs.

Next event

Update: Tracey has done a follow up post on the DMC website.