Focusing on things

I’m not a person who focuses on one thing. I’m constantly scanning the horizon, looking for the next shiny thing to occupy me.

This is good and bad. Good: I’m always experimenting and trying new things. I’m always learning and always progressing. It keeps my mind always working.

Bad: I don’t finish very many things. I have to work hard to finish anything because finishing things—polishing things up and focusing on the detail—just doesn’t interest me.

But, you need both kinds of people. You need the doers and dreamers. You need the detail people and the finishers. I think if you’ve got the other types of people surrounding you it can be a good thing. I’m lucky that I have.

Over the years though, I have focused on a few things and managed to stick with them. I have focused intensely on a few things:

  1. Learning and practicing design
  2. Learning and practicing web development
  3. Teaching
  4. More recently, a hobby. Jiu Jitsu.

Funnily enough, when I’ve focused intensely on those 4 things I’ve gotten pretty good at them.

3 of them I make a living from. Not so bad really.

So what’s the lesson?

Figuring out whether you’re a finisher or a doer is vital to doing your best work. If you’re a doer, you need a finisher. If you’re a finisher, you need a doer.

Sometimes though, you can be both if you find the right thing to get passionate about.