Content. Content. Content.

I had a catch-up with a client yesterday after their new website had gone live, and they were asking for next steps, how we continue to grow the website, the usual stuff.

We specifically got talking about SEO, but my response is ALWAYS the same no matter what.


Strong, relevant, really bloody good content.

Authentic content.

This strategy works across any marketing medium, but its really strong on social and websites.

Get yourself a blog on your website, and write some really bloody good content at least once a week. And make NONE of it about you or your business. Nobody cares about your awards or your new staff members.

Write content that your clients and potential clients want the answers to. Write content about those questions that you're getting asked every week about.

If your market is SMEs of 10-50 people based in Yorkshire, find out what they're struggling with and write content about it.

And I'm going to be controversial: make it as FAR AWAY from your core services as possible too. Talk about how you've handled staffing issues even if you're a law firm, or especially if you're a law firm.

Try to make the best content for your audience that you can.

Strong, relevant, authentic content.

Number 1 goal.

Don't forget to make it useful

The easiest way to know if your blog content, video content, tweets, LinkedIn posts, anything you produce is GOOD content is to ask yourself this question:

Does this content help somebody?

5 ideas that don't help anybody:

  1. Blog about your award wins
  2. Tweet about the bizarre lunch your team are eating
  3. LinkedIn post about your new car
  4. Video showing your team typing on keyboards, having a silent meeting and showing how amazing your offices are
  5. Photo on Instagram of how sunny your fancy rooftop office is

5 ideas that will help anybody:

  1. An in-depth blog post about how you got your first award win, the changes you had to make to your business, what impact it's had on your business and how somebody else could do the same
  2. A tweet showing the bizarre lunch your team are eating with the full recipe attached so people can make it themselves
  3. LinkedIn post about the marketing and sales strategy you've followed to be able to finally get the car of your dreams, with actionable steps to follow
  4. A video showing your audience how to make a useful office overview video, that isn't like everybody else's
  5. Photo on Instagram of where you got all your fancy office furniture

See the difference?

Make it useful.