Consistent good work

We've just turned 9 at Genius Division, and I'm still thinking about that every so often.

It seems like 5 minutes ago that we were 5 minutes old, and it seems like 6 minutes ago that we were 10 years old. Time has moved quickly when we've had so much fun.

I regularly get to thinking how we got here, how we managed to last even 1 year, let alone 9 years. Agencies don't usually last long, for lots of reasons. If most businesses fail within the first year, I'd say 95% of agencies fail within their first 3 years. Most of us don't know how to run businesses and don't care to learn.

So what has made us special?

I think it comes down a few fundamental things.

  • Work hard and be nice to people.
  • Do a good job.
  • Let those people who you've done a good job for tell other people you did a good job.
  • Never stop caring about doing a good job.
  • Repeat this process, over and over.

A desire to improve the work that we've done every time we do something, even if it's something that we've done before. It isn't always best for our bottom line, but it means we're doing work we can take pride in.

Consistent good work is how we've got to where we are.