Changing perspective

I'm in Amsterdam this weekend. I've been to Amsterdam a lot.

I've been here 4 or 5 times now and every previous time I've been here to just party for 3 days. This time I promised myself to look at Amsterdam from a different perspective.

I rented a bike and rode around the city. I rode to the Stedelijk Museum. I looked around at design and art and sculptures for a few hours. I rode back towards the hotel, got hit with a ridiculous downpour of rain, and dived into a random bar for a mint tea.

That leads me to now, contemplating the change of perspective.

There's many sides to the places we visit, and the people we meet. Mostly we only see one side of it when we arrive for a few days or meet somebody for the first time.

Most of us never experience the simplicity of a day passing in the places we visit. We're always in a rush to see the next tourist attraction.

I like to turn up to a new place with no plan and see what happens. There's no pressure for me to try everything, just time for me to discover.

Sometimes it's good to change perspective, even when we're not on holiday.

Sometimes it's good to try to see the different perspective.